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Valentina Zaccagnini, Customer Education Specialist

“I’ve been working at NI since November 2012 as Customer Education Specialist. At the beginning of my path I was a little confused because of many new aspects for me to learn: a lot of hardware to deal with, technical course names and acronyms that was hard to remember… My humanistic background wasn’t used to it! But I was ready to take on the challenge. On the other hand, the work environment was very open-minded and friendly: with the help of my colleagues, I get used to the “technical” features of my job in few months. Today I’m still happy to work for NI because you can feel innovation atmosphere and cooperation in every department.”


Guillem Abril, Area Sales Manager Spain

"I joined NI in 2008 because I loved the products. I stay because of the culture, the coworkers and the environment. At NI you are always given the opportunity to prove yourself and get recognized. Our customers inspire me, it is incredible to witness how they are pushing the edges of technology to make the world a better place."




Anna Pedale, Field Marketing Engineer – PhD in Industrial Automation

"When I was student I saw National Instruments as something unattainable because it is the most innovative company in Test and Measurement. Then I decided to apply and gave me this opportunity and now I’m here in this amazing and tremendous company since 2012. In my carrier path I started as Application Engineer for 1 year and half where I learned our products and customer care. Then I have joined the Technical Marketing and after 4 years I’m still happy and excited to be in NI increasing my expertise and growing with a big family."




Valentina Tommolini, Technical Sales Engineer

"I was still working on my thesis when I decided to apply for an Applications Engineer position. During the group interview my first impression was” what a wonderful place! Nice environment, young people, cool engineers that work together as a team” I got this position, and after 2 years and half I can confirm all those positive impressions. Now I'm a technical sale engineer and I help costumers to integrate new technologies choosing the best possible solution. This position allows me to keep me up to speed with the latest technology trends and with customer success stories. In my opinion working in NI is a unique opportunity for an engineer to keep pace with innovation and with the systems that improve the world and address the engineering challenges of today."



Marc-Junior Larrouy Applications Engineer Manager France

"I’ve been working at NI for more than 9 years now and I hope I’ll still be working there in 9 years from now. What I enjoy the most is the diversity of people you can find here. This workplace feels like home for me. At the same time I can see people around me growing very fast, they’re all committed to the company’s success and it is a very pleasant atmosphere to work in. At the end of the day, I can really say it is a great place to work.”






Matteo Mascia – Applications Engineer Team Leader Italy

"I have joined NI in 2013 and from the very beginning I really loved the its Culture and the people. Passion, curiosity and customer focus drive the way we work here. I found at NI a workplace where I can grow, learn and share knowledge.”






Yohan Louis –Marie – Inside Sales Engineering Manager France

"Following technical studies in electronics, I had the opportunity to join National Instruments at 21 as a Technical Sales Engineer. Since the 1st day, I have benefited from an unexpected daily support that enabled me to improve my skills, find my way and go through the different steps of my career. After many years of helping our customers innovate with our products, I am now Sales Manager and I attach particular importance to share my experience and passion to our new generation of engineers."